El Futuro de PR Está en Tus Manos
The future of PR Is In Your Hands
"Borínquen!, nombre al pensamiento grato..."

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Partido Popular
Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño
Partido Nuevo Progresista
3 Political Parties / 4 3 Different Futures
Partido Popular Democrático - There were two (2) alternatives. Only one (1) now, after Dec 13, 2013
1)  ELA Mejorado - The Hernández Colón version of having more independence in Trade, Immigration, Customs, Transportation and out of the Territorial Clause.  But without loosing any or most of the benefits the island enjoy today, most important not loosing the Citizenship. Based on Ex-Governor Rafael Hernández Colón's  "La Nueva Tesis"

2)  ELA Soberano - The Fas Alzamora vision as an Independent State but "associated" to the US.  You could call it the "Associated Republic" ..

Today, the PPD are trying to sell the ELA Soberano, not as the Associated Republic that it is but as the unconstitutional debunked ELA Mejorado mentioned above. Lying to its member saying they can achive the same rights as an Independent nation but still stay within the US Constitution, again what was debunked on August 1, 2013 by the US Senate.
Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño
The biggest argument on  the island today is the status.. Within the argument, which of the two alternatives the PPD will advocate in the future (see above). After December 13, 2013 the only decision left are  Statehood or Independence. ELA Mejorado has been eliminated, see "Que Pasa" page, so what is left are those two alternatives that are NOT Territorial/Colonial. So the PPD will have to to decide how they will present their political future, something they  .  Even though the PIP is a very active party it does not have very much followers. The General Election votes have been divided between the three (3) parties 48%-4%-48% (PPD-PIP-PNP) since 1944 to the present.  These percentages are an average. Please "VOTE History" page.

Please note that the Plebiscite Table results, prior to 2012 there was NO clear alternative to solve the "territorial" problem.  Until 2012 the Plebiscite election were in essence a continuation of the General Election, a fight between the 3 Political Parties.  The 2012 Plebiscite was the first 1st in which the people were free to tell if they wanted to change the present status (ELA) and then as which Non-Territorial Alternative they would choose. (Statehood - Independence - ELA Soberano.(see above)
3) Puerto Rico - an Independent Soveraing Nation
Partido Nuevo Progresista
4) Statehood. the 51st State of the Union
More than ever we must listen to what Don Luis said . . .
Luis Muñoz Marin, July 17, 1951, Barranquitas, Puerto Rico

"What we have to guard against in this world we live in is not to confuse love for our patria (pueblo) with small, futile and naive concepts of nationalism and national state."

(Popular Democratic Party) PPD
(Independence Puertorrican Party) PIP
(New Progressive Party) PNP
Debunked by the US Senate
Aug 1 & confrmed on Dec 13, 2013
The August 1, 2013 Senate Sub Commette hearing on the Nov 6, 2012 Plebiscite and the Sub-Commette Chairman and Minority  letter of Dec 13, 2013 cppleatly debunk the idea of the ELA Mejorado and definitively eliminated the idea of any Non-Territorial/Colonial alternative in any future Plebiscite.